Basler avr AVC63-7F


 ITEM:  Universal Regulator EA16A
 Desc:  Update of EA15A AVR
 Application:  Siemens generator 
 Technical data:

 Sesing input

 Voltage 170-510 VAC,Single phase 2 wires voltage is DIP switch slectable

 Frequency 50/60Hz,Dip switch selectable

 Power input

 Voltage 60-300 VAC,Single phase 2 wires


 Voltage Max.90 VDC@240 VAC input

 Current  Continuous 16A

               Intermittent 20A for 10 sec

 Resistance  Min.5 ohm

 Voltage regualtion

   <+ 0.5% (with 4% engine governing)


   Residual voltage at AVR terminal> 5VAC

 Thermal Drift

  0.03% per ℃ change in AVR ambient 

 Load current Compensatio

 1A or 5A mxx.7% @ PF0.5 DIP switch selectable

 Analogue voltage input

  Max + 0.5% VDC. + 10%@ +3 VDC

  Over excitation protection

  Max output DCV 95% . 20Sec

  External volts adjustment

  + 0.5%with 2k ohm 1 watt trimmer

 Unit power dissipation

  Max. 10watt

 Under frequency protection( factory setting)

 50/60 Hz DIP SW selectable

 Soft start ramp time

  2 sec


  156mm L*106mm W*41mmH

 Weight: 450g+ 2%



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